When it comes to Ghazals, my favourite apart from Ghulam Ali is Hariharan. His velvety voice mesmerises me and I flow with his songs. Actually, I am back to listening to it after a short gap and thought of writing on it.

One of his best albums is Kaash which has an amazing music hand-in-hand with beautiful lyrics. The album makes use of western instruments/ Overall it’s a soothing album. The song Maikade was the first to come out on tv, and I liked it instantly so much so that even before I bought the album, I had learned the song by rote. The flute piece in the beginning just creates an atmosphere for the rest of the songs.

Soon after, I listened to Kaash and I was completely bowled over by the way Hariharan has sung it, and even today I can’t sing the cryptic variations done by him. Just amazing! The lyrics are also very meaningful.

But the best and the longest song in the whole album is Ab ke Baras Bhi… There is a pain in the song and much of the atmosphere is set by the instruments. This is one album one will not regret for having bought. Every time I listen to it, I have tears in my eyes.

Jhoom le is a very soothing and philosophical ghazal, sung in a lighter style. Jhoom le hans bol le, pyaari agar hai zindagi, saans ke bas ek jhonke ka safar hai zindagi.

Hariharan sings Ye Aaine se akele mein guftugu kya hai with a tinge of mischief in his voice.

Aadhi Raat is a faster composition, ‘chanchal’ is the right word for it. It also has a haunting, thriller kind of a feel to it.

Humne ek shaam is a ghazal in the real sense of the term. It has a sad tone to it, that really moves you.

Overall, the album is a part of my treasured collection and when I’m thirsty for beautiful melodies, I listen to Hari’s scintillating voice.