Few years ago, I had learnt a malayalam composition set in Mukhari raagam and in adi taalam. I was humming it yesterday and thought of adding it in my blog. In this composition the poet Erayammanthampi asks Lord Krishna to be with him always. Here is the composition and its translation (Forgive me if the translation is not upto the mark):

adimalarina thanne krishna,

adiyanoravalambam Sri Krishna

ariyarudadiyanu gunavum doshavum
aruluga shubhamaargam Sri Krishna

parama dayambu nidhe krishna
paalikkenam ellam
thiruvudaladilooda vadiveppozhum ennude chithe thonenam Krishna

O Krishna with a lotus feet,
Thou art the only shelter for thy servant

Good or bad, I can not differentiate one from the other,
Kindly show me the right path O Krishna.

The embodiment of Kindness,
Please take care of everything
Thy body which is a treasure trove of all kinds of wealth, physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual,
This form should always be etched in my heart
Thou should be the only one I think of hey Sri Krishna.