A R Rahman

A R Rahman

I just can’t stop listening to Ada’s songs and I’m forcing my friends to listen to them as well, even by sending the songs to them. I’m surprised though why only few people have heard about the songs (although I must confess I too don’t know much about the movie or its cast.! Well, no one listens to good songs now a days…

This album sees ARR bringing together his older singers (Sukhwinder, Chitra, Sonu Niigaam, Alka Yagnik, Jayachandran) with his brand new collection. Each song is different from the other.

The songs of this movie are much better than those of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. I am a loyal and die-hard fan of ARR, so I can’t say the songs in JTYJN are not good (though I must say I was a little disappointed) and unlike his previous ventures, where you allow the songs to grow on you, this is one of the very few of them where the songs appeal to you right from the first time you listen to them.

My favourite song is Tu Mera Hai. Sung superbly by Chitra and Sukhwinder, this song is a welcome change from the albums that going the rounds. It has a rebellious/revolting flavour to it. It was refreshing to listen to Chitra singing in Hindi after a long time. The style in which shesings and the ease with which she goes to the higher notes is simply awesome. I love the ‘Ya Rab shukriya, tera shukriya’ part. The interludes sung by Naresh Iyer crave you to hear more of him.

Ishq Ada is a typical ARR song.. also sung in two versions, the male and the female and both are different from each other in terms of the instruments used. The orchestration of Ishq Ada (male), sung Rashid Ali, ARR’s newest find, reminds you of Maiyya Maiyya from Guru. Ishq Ada (female version) is sung by Parul is a comparably slower version and is piano-based. In one of the blogs I read that it’s composed in Panthuvarali raagam (Raag Todi in Hindustani classical).

After a long time we get to listen to Sonu Niigaam singing for ARR; and he has sung 3 songs. Gulfisha is a melodious and romantic song sung with Alka Yagnik. The main attraction of this song is the flute interludes.

Gum Sum is another song by the same singers and Alka sounds really good, not to mention Sonu’s awesome rendering.
ARR has rarely worked with Sunithi Chauhan. A song where she has worked with him is Saiyaan from Nayak. Well, he welcomes her back to this album where she sings a peppy number, Gulfisha, along with Sonu. It’s an average song, an un-ARR song, where I feel he could have done much better.

Meherbaan is a lovely ballad, jazz kind of a composition sung by the maestro himself, and I just wait for the line ‘Meherbaan’ in the song; not that the rest of the song is not good, it’s just that I love to sing along from this line onwards. The ending of the song where he sings the soprano is nothing like the soft start; and this is something to look forward to.

As usual, ARR doesn’t disappoint us with his new album and leaves us craving for more. ARR Zindabad!!