Well, well! I came across two more interesting categories to add to my list below. Maybe you belong to one of these if not the previous ones 😉

10. Attention-seeking Damsels and DudesDamsel
Every company has people who are straight out of college or join as freshers or have lesser work experience. Extra-bubbly, stylish, but hardly beautiful or pretty and handsome as they think they are, this particular category of people pays more attention to the oppositeprince sex than to their work. They think very highly of themselves, that they are gorgeous and irresistible (dungheads, really). They are always trying to find ways to impress and flirt with them whenever they find a chance. Very immature, childish and careless, they tend to forget their priorities in the pursuit of attention. The girls in this category are too coy and sweet towards the guys, and the guys are chivalrous to an extreme level, so much so that their over-smartness can, sometimes, get to you.

How to spot one: This class always likes to be where the opposite sex is. They find reasons and excuses to be with their crush(es). Come lunch break and they just disappear to the TT/carrom board/chess room to display their amazing “talent”. But they will always say they go to play TT because they love the game Tut-tut, actually she knew such a game existed only when her eyes fell on that smart, lanky fellow who was looking at her. And he, who was always averse to sports as a kid, has taken a sudden liking towards it so that he can catch a glimpse of that pretty dame with great figure (but no brains).

11. Peeping Toms and Marys
They are one of the most annoying people. You can find them peeping into everyone else’s PCs and yours as well, but seldom theirs. They are always interested in knowing what others are upto. The most irritating thing about them is they make it very obvious that they are lopeekoking into your PC. With a low attention span, they get distracted by the smallest movement or noise. Even if you are talking to a colleague, this person will turn around (if s/he sits behind you) or crane their neck and keep their ears to the ground to know to what you are talking about and even try to chip in unnecessarily. You might even want to ask them back, “Hello, who asked your opinion?” But what to do, you have to bear these kinds of people, however irksome they are.

How to spot one: Hey it’s no rocket science. Keep your antennae up and be alert. You can see how many people are interested in what you are doing. Just when you are chatting with your colleague or boss, this person will definitely try to take a peek into your PC. And they will always be interested to help you even if you don’t need their assistance.